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H.W. Harkness Elementary is located in the heart of Golf Terrace Estates Neighborhood. We believe a strong partnership between students, staff and parents/ guardians keep us achieving at high levels.  Working in conjunction with our community partners, we develop opportunities for families and school to unite. Family empowerment and engagement is a critical piece of our school community.  

To ensure our mission of everyone learning at high-levels, we provide rigorous instruction of essential standards and intervene, immediately, when students don't master an essential standard the first time it's presented.  To ensure everyone is safe and supported while learning, we implement trauma-informed, anti-racist/ anti-bias practices and problem solve using restorative practices.  Click on the icons below to learn more about the philosophies that makes up the foundation of our school.  

SEL/ Trauma-Informed

Restorative Practices

Anti-Racist/ Anti-Bias

Academics and Enrichment- 

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Professional Learning Community

23/24 SPSA

School Plan for Student Achievement