Volunteer at Harkness


Ongoing Opportunities

Getting involved in your child’s educational experience is important to their success in the classroom. Check out the variety of on-site and at-home opportunities we have for you to choose from:

  • Share hobby or career information
  • Assist Parent Teacher Organization
  • Classroom helper
  • Reading to children
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Campus beautification
  • Yard/cafeteria supervision
  • Library assistance
  • Mentor students
  • Community garden
  • School Site Council
  • At-home work for classroom
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Photograph event
  • Translate/interpret for parents
  • Tutor students
  • Assist in fundraising
  • Child care during on-site event
  • One-time family event
  • English Learner Advisory Committee

Reasons to Volunteer

  • Studies show that students do better in the classroom when parents are engaged with their school.
  • Children of parents who are involved with their school have higher self-esteem, are more confident socially, and have less behavior issues.
  • Engaging with your child’s school is an opportunity to meet and create friendships with other parents.
  • It feels good to make a difference in the educational journey of your child and their peers.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to learn something new and develop your own interpersonal and professional skills.

Hear It from Parents


“Volunteering provides eye-witness proof of what is happening at your child’s school. It provides opportunities for teachers to bond with their communities from which their children come from.”

– Maria Herndon

“Al ser voluntario uno puede convivir y disfrutar los momentos de aprendizaje con los niños. Ayudar en actividades to hace sentir parte de ellos, de la escuela. Te sientes motivado haces mas cosas para tus hijos, porque al final todo es para ellos. Disfrutas, aprendes, formas recuerdos, y pasas tiempo de calidad.”

– Dulce Pacheco