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About H.W. Harkness Elementary

Harkness Elementary is located in the heart of Golf Terrace Estates Neighborhood. We believe a strong partnership between students, staff and parents keep us achieving at high levels.  Working in conjunction with our community partners including the Golf Terrace Estates Neighborhood Association, we develop opportunities for families and school to unite. Family empowerment and engagement is an active part of our school community.  We host many community activities in which community members actively participate. 

Mission Statement

Through a balanced, holistic, culturally responsive and standards-based educational foundation, students will become lifelong learners, prepared to be competitive and successful at all levels of their academic career.

An effectively prepared staff will build effective relationships with students and parents; develop a standards-based and balanced curriculum that  captures interest, motivates, encourages and challenges each student regardless of ability level to higher academic achievement; develop within
their students inventive thinking, adaptability and self-direction; explicitly teach interactive communication, social and personal skills; require students to develop quality state of the art results; develop relevancy of the state content standards through Project Based Learning and Service Learning; remain current on instructional best practices through professional development centric to the site’s critical pedagogy; promote English Language Acquisition and Development through vocabulary instruction and authentic exhibitions/presentations; provide targeted intervention; eliminate the academic achievement gap and engage students through the use of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching.

General information

Office Hours

8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.